What To Expect When You're Expecting: Swimwear Edition

What To Expect When You're Expecting: Swimwear Edition

Bump, baby and beyond... Infamous Swim is for the pregnant bellies and the breastfeeding boobies! There's no reason you can't feel like a beach babe when you're growing (and feeding) babies, and if you'd rather be in a swimsuit you can love for a long time (rather than maternity swimwear that might only serve you for a short time), then this is the list for you. Here's our picks (and the picks of fellow Infamous Swim community Mumma's), for what works best when you're expecting, and beyond. 


Pregnancy Swimwear


Gia Bikini Top

The Gia Bikini Top is our most popular top for pregnancy and breastfeeding; she offers the perfect level of support whilst being crafted in our signature super soft fabric, she’s style and comfort all over. The Gia bikini top is ideal for pregnancy and beyond, with easy access breastfeeding by simply dropping the shoulder strap. We know what it’s like to find your bust balloon during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so if you’ve found your ‘girls’ are growing at what feels like the same rate as your belly, we recommend going up a size in the Gia Bikini Top if your bra size has increased. 


Gia Bikini Top


Scarlett Bikini Top

There’s a lot of adjusting when it comes to pregnancy and new motherhood, and if you’re looking for a bikini top that is just as adjustable as you, then the Scarlett Bikini Top is a great choice! Scarlett has an adjustable back, a full cup with a little bit of padding, for extra support you have the halter strap too. The Scarlett Bikini Top can be worn as a halter neck or as a bandeau, making breastfeeding access simple by dropping down a cup when you’re wearing strapless style. If you have a full cup (and ever increasing cup during pregnancy) and your back size is small, this is a perfect choice because of how adjustable it is.


Scarlett Bikini Top


Ginger Bikini Bottoms

The Ginger Bikini Bottoms are a popular choice for pregnancy and postpartum, with a waist that works for whatever stage you’re at. Ginger can be worn low on the hips to allow room for that growing bump, and then, if you’re looking for more tummy coverage postpartum, Ginger can be worn high waisted to hold everything in. When it comes to sizing, if you're feeling like your booty and hips are expanding at a rate as rapid as your preggy belly, we suggest sizing up one size from what you would normally wear, to ensure comfort and coverage as your body changes.


Ginger Bikini Bottoms


Radar Bikini Bottoms

Radar Bikini Bottoms are our lower waist option, these bottoms sit around the hips, meaning they accommodate that pregnant belly with ease. Whilst they’re a little bit skimpier, they have a gorgeous high cut leg which helps accentuate your leg length, which may be the little body confidence booster you’re looking for through pregnancy and beyond. Radar is a slightly smaller fit so consider sizing up one or two sizes to accomodate the growing booty and hips that often come with a growing baby belly.


Radar Bikini bottoms


Candice One Piece

If you’re a one piece kinda girl, Candice is our best selling pregnancy and feeding swimsuit. The beauty of Candice is that she was designed for those with a longer torso, so she is cut to allow a little extra length through the body (perfect for popping bellies). If you’re on the shorter side or have a shorter torso (under 160cm-165cm) we recommend sticking with your usual size, if you’re taller or have a longer torso, then we suggest sizing up to ensure room for your growing bump. Candice is super soft, has a little under bust support and makes feeding accessible by just pulling down the shoulder straps. 


Candice one piece


The female form is amazing, and every woman will experience completely different body changes whilst pregnant, so whilst we can provide the above tips, you know your body best, so as always, refer to our size guide, or reach out via email at or send us a DM if you’re still unsure on which swimwear choice is right for you for pregnancy and breastfeeding. In the business of growing babies, it's rarely just a baby bump that you will be accomodating, it's usually an expanding bust, hips and booty that are part of the journey, so for swimwear that is comfortable, flattering and fits for pregnancy and postpartum, we suggest considering the size of your comfiest undies and using that as a guide (potentially going up one or two sizes depending on the style you choose and where you're at in your pregnancy when you're looking to buy swimwear). 

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